Chocolate Candy Cane Whoopie Pies

How to make the box


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Best Practices

  • Use room temperature butter. If your butter comes straight from the refrigerator, don't fret! There's no need to let it sit out for an hour to acclimate. Instead, pop it in the microwave. Be sure to use a microwave safe bowl and cover with a paper towel. Heat on high for 10-15 second intervals checking between each. Don't wait for a puddle of  melted butter to form. When pressing the butter lightly leaves a soft indent, your butter is ready.  
  • Refrigerate dough if you do not want to make them all at once. Many BEL Box recipes make more treats than an individual or small family may be ready to eat. This dough can be refrigerated in a sealed container for up to a week. You may need to add a minute or two to the cook time if you bake the cookie dough when it is cold.
  • Don't unwrap the candy canes before you smash them. Keep candy canes in their wrapper while you hammer them with a spoon. This will keep the candy cane bits from shattering everywhere and making a mess.