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  • Introducing the Garden Party series! Jump into spring with 3 desserts that feature soft florals.

    • April: Learn to pipe beautiful roses on these Strawberry and Wild Rose Filled Cupcakes.
    • May: Ace this classic Southern pie. Chocolate Chess Pies with Hibiscus Whipped Cream! This is soon to become one of your favorite go to recipes.
    • June: These creamy lavender panna cotta with lemon cookies and blueberry compote are a beautiful and decadent treat! They are the perfect sweet for a warm day.

    New recipes released each month

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  • Subsequent boxes ship between the 21-24 of each month.

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    Bake a new show stopper each month! You will receive one baking kit per month.

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    Baking kits ship the 21-24 of each month. Orders placed after the 21st ship right away. Your baking kit will include all the non-perishable ingredients, carefully pre-measured. Also in the box is a baking tool you learn to use in the recipe and a featured ingredient that you likely do not have at home and may have never tried before.

  • 3. Bake! And enjoy the sweet treats you make

    Your baking kit includes a reusable recipe card with instructions on how to make your next show stopper. Each recipe comes with a FAQ page that includes video resources, answers to common questions, and email support.

  • Great Baking Kits for Teens and Tweens!

    "I bought a subscription for my grandaughter's 14th birthday. She asked for it! She loves it! We are going for a visit soon and she decided to wait to bake for us to share the love. We can hardly wait to taste!  Thanks for making turning 14 so much fun!"

  • We Love the Confidence Boost!

    "My 12 year old daughter and I enjoy these boxes. We are way outside our comfort zone but there is nothing like success at something you never thought you would make."

  • Baking Kits that Bring our Family Together

    "I absolutely love helping my granddaughter bake! Getting the kits each month is a fun reason for us to get together."