Corporate Baking Classes and Gifting

Deliver a fun branded baking kit to your customers' or team members' doorsteps.

Then bring them together for an unforgettable bonding experience through a live, virtual baking class.


Expert Led Baking Classes & Bake-Offs

Learn to make a showstopper with your team or clients. Professional bakers teach you all the tips and tricks plus sprinkle in trivia facts along the way.

Our virtual classes and bake-offs always feature a close-up camera, so you can clearly see and replicate the techniques and textures throughout the class.

Baking classes are a fun and unique team building activity, client appreciation event, or an easy to engage prospective customers. Prefer a little friendly competition, try a bake-off style class!


"The Bake Eat Love team allowed us to bring something truly unique and personalized to our customer gifting program. They brought our brand vision to life with a beautiful and delicious cookie baking kit that received rave reviews from recipients. The fact that they managed the entire design and delivery process in an easy and seamless fashion was icing on the cake (or in our case, cookie!)"


Ready to book your event? Or just want to learn more? Submit the form and we'll be in touch.

What recipe will we make?

You can choose from one of our recipes or we'll create a custom recipe together.

Can you create a custom baking kit for my themed event or campaign?

Yes! We can create anything, really. Whether it's a colorful, branded treat in a completely branded box for a PR event, an heirloom recipe for your own baking class, or a fun activity for your conference attendees, we've got you covered.

You can come to us with a vision or we can help you brainstorm. Whatever your event theme is, we will make sure your recipients can truly nail it!

What's included in a corporate baking class?

  • Dedicated event planning - We love baking classes! You will work directly with a team member to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. We manage recipe customizations, address collection, shipping timelines, ands more. You will also meet your instructor in advance.
  • Informative and entertaining instruction led by a professional baker - They have two cameras rolling during each class. One on them, and one that gives a close-up view of what they're making. You can clearly see the texture and techniques used to get it just right.
  • Your logo in the box - Whether you are hosting a class for team members or clients, your logo is critical to the experience. This sweet event is all about your brand sharing good vibes through baking.
  • A note to recipients - What do you want recipients to see when they open their baking kit? We add a note from you inside each box.
  • All the non-perishable ingredients to make a dessert your recipient will be proud of
  • A reusable instruction card
  • A kitchen item used in the recipe (spatula, decorating supplies, etc.)
  • Domestic shipping
  • Want to learn more?

    To see class availability and recipes, please submit the from on this page.