Chocolate Blueberry Ice Cream Cake

How to make the box 

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Due to a mix up at our packaging facility, many August boxes contain a can of evaporated milk instead of sweetened condensed milk. Please check your kit before making the ice cream! We are mailing a can of sweetened condensed milk to all impacted boxes. It should arrive early the week of August 30, if not sooner.

  • What if I need to make the cake before the sweetened condensed milk arrives? Please pick up sweetened condensed milk and reply to this email. We will compensate you.
  • What if I already made the cake? Please reply to this email. We will send you a new kit

You can use your can of evaporated milk in a number of ways. This list has some delicious sweet and savory recipes that use evaporated milk.

Best Practices

Wrap cakes in plastic wrap and freeze! This step will ensure that your chocolate cake stays moist and remains firm for the next step where you'll frost and assemble your cake. 

Keep an eye on your heavy whipping cream. When beating your heavy cream for the ice cream and frosting, it can be easy to over mix. This results in a cream that a looks curdled, we want it to look fluffy and smooth! Stay at your mixer to make sure you don't over mix.  

Frost lightly. This cake doesn't need a thick frosting. It is designed to have a very light crumb coat and light top layer. Using your bench scraper will ensure you get a nice, even layers without using too much frosting. 

Line your 9" pan carefully. Before you pour the ice cream mixture into your 9" pan, make sure the tin foil is thoroughly lining the pan. Ensure that no gaps expose the metal pan and try to limit the wrinkles in the foil to make for a smooth ice cream layer. 

Move fast! When assembling and frosting your cake, it's important to move with some urgency. The ice cream will melt very quickly and then the cake will fall apart. Make sure your'e ready for next steps so your'e prepared and can move quickly.