Piña Colada Cupcakes

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How to make the box

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Best Practices

Don't be afraid to poke holes in your cupcakes. Once completely cooled, create deep lines in your cupcakes with a butter knife. This will allow the liquid gelatin to fill the gaps and moisten/flavor the cake. This step might feel odd, but it's for the best!

Toast coconut until browned and golden. This process is a delicate one that requires attention. Too little time and not enough heat won't release the best coconut flavors. Too much heat or leaving the coconut on the stove for too long can easily burn it. Stir your coconut regularly on medium heat. 

Frosting your cupcakes. When using whipped cream it's important to be intentional with piping, placement, and temperature.  It's crucial that you frost the cupcakes when they are completely cooled. If they are still warm, the whipped cream will melt and slide off. Pipe your cupcakes starting with a swril on the bottom. Start in the middle and spiral outside until it reaches the outer edge of the cupcake. Finish by squeezing a large kis in the middle. With your piping bag held vertically down, overing over the center of your first layer of frosting, squeeze the bag until your desired sized cirlce has appeared. Then stop squeezing and quickly pull the bag up to create the kiss.