Sandcastle Cake

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From Your Kitchen

Here's a list of what you'll need from your kitchen.

How to Make the Box


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Best Practices

Cake batter should be runny. Don't be alarmed when your cake batter runs extremely thin. This consistency makes for a light and moist cake!

Compact your marshmallow crispy rice for a stable structure. Press your mixture into your mold until it's difficult to indent with your finger. The denser the crispy rice, the stronger your structure will be.

Be gentle with the white sea shell melts. Be careful to not break the sea shells when removing them from the mold. You may need to bend the mold a lot to ensure there is no breakage.  

Thoroughly cover your cake in frosting to keep the cookie crumb sand from falling off. It can be difficult to stick sand on the side of your cake. But with enough frosting you can keep the crackers stuck to the cake! Be sure to add the cookie crumbs right after frosting. They stick much better to fresh frosting than to frosting that has had time to dry.