Strawberries & Cream and Mocha Eclairs

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1.) Why are my eclairs soggy?

Answer: This can happen if your choux pastry wasn’t thick enough, and too runny. It’s important to make sure each egg is fully incorporated before adding the next one. It is also important not to open your oven and peak. This releases steam and can result in a soggy and flat éclair. 

2.) How do I know when my eclair is done? 

Answer: They will have a nice golden color and be nice and puffed. When the bottom is tapped it should make a hollow sound.

3.) How long do eclairs keep?

Answer: Eclairs are best eaten with-in a few hours of making them. However, they can be stored in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to two days. They will tend to get a bit soggy as time goes on.

4.) Why did my choux pastry collapse?

Answer: Collapsed choux pastry is usually the result of underbaking. 

Best Practices

  • Bake choux pastry until golden brown. This recipe may take you out of your baking comfort zone. You need to bake the choux pastry until its a rich golden brown color. This will ensure it puffs up and creates a sturdy foundation for your eclairs. And yes, it may need to bake a little longer than you are used to. If you get nervous about your bake, you can always take one pastry out (carefully and safely) and tap the bottom. When its done baking, it will make a hollow sound.
  • Eclair frosting. We recommend dipping eclairs for a nice, even layer of frosting. If you find your frosting is too thick, add a few more drops of water to the strawberry frosting or cream to the chocolate frosting. If dipping isn't working for you, feel free to grab a spoon or a knife. And if you have children, decorating eclairs can be an entertaining and delicious activity! If you are concerned about the caffeine in the mocha eclairs, you can make a chocolate dip by using the amount of chocolate in the recipe card and cream. Just omit the mocha mix :)