Strawberry and Wild Rose Cupcakes

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 How to pipe buttercream roses


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1.) My buttercream is softening as I am piping my roses, what should I do?

Answer:  Because of the heat from your hands, the buttercream will soften as you are piping the roses. We recommend piping four to five roses (you might be able to pipe more, but if your rose petals are starting to wilt into each other and are no longer crisp, it is time to chill the buttercream). Place the piping bag of buttercream in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to re-firm. After removing the butter cream from the refrigerator, work the frosting in the bag with your hands to ensure that the frosting's temperature is consistent throughout the bag. The frosting in the piping tip will be a little firmer than the frosting in the bag. Hold the piping tip in your hand to warm it up a bit before continuing to pipe. 

2.) I put a little too much jam inside my cupcakes and when I pushed the core back in a little jam is peaking out around the edges of the center, will this impact my buttercream rose?

Answer: We know the strawberry and wild rose jam is delicious, if you put a little too much in the center of the cupcake, no worries. The buttercream frosting won't stick to the jam, so if a little jam has spilled out around the edges of the core, you can squeeze a little buttercream on top and smooth it out with a butter knife before starting to pipe the buttercream rose. 

3.) How long will my cupcakes keep in the refrigerator?

Answer: The cupcakes will keep up to five days in the refrigerator. We recommend removing the cupcakes from the refrigerator an hour before eating them. The room temperature cupcakes have a better texture and flavor than the cold cupcakes.