Strawberry and Wild Rose Cupcakes

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1.) What's the best way to decorate the cupcakes with the expresso beans?

Answer: We recommend placing a single bean in the center of the frosting or three beans in the center of the frosting like the picture on your recipe card. 

2.) What piping tip did you use for the frosting?

Answer: You don't have to use a piping tip for the frosting, but if you would like to use one and achieve the same look we have in the photo you can use a closed star piping tip. We used Ateco 844 closed star piping tip. 

3.) How long will my tiramisu cupcakes keep in the refrigerator?

Answer: The cupcakes will keep up to five days in the refrigerator. We recommend removing the cupcakes from the refrigerator an hour before eating them. The room temperature cupcakes have a better texture and flavor than the cold cupcakes. 

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