Strawberry Rhubarb Mini Pies

How to make the box

Check out our video tutorial


Mix pie dough thoroughly until it's grainy. Before adding liquid to your pie dough to bring it together and a reach proper consistency, ensure that your cold butter is completely mixed into the flour. You'll want to achieve a grainy texture before adding liquids and moving on to next steps. 

Cut extra dough around the tin. When cutting/tracing the dough around the mini tin, be sure to add extra space. This will give you enough dough to fill the base of the mini pie tin.

Cut out the stars when the pie dough is fairly cold. Make sure your pie dough is cold enough to cut out stars without loosing its shape or falling apart. But be careful of having the dough be frozen because that can lead to broken pie dough stars. 

Whip heavy cream until stiff peaks arise. This process may take longer than you anticipate, but don't give up on the heavy cream too early! Keep beating the cream until you can form stiff peaks that last.