Toasted Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

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How to fill a piping bag: Cup technique

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1.) When I make this recipe again can I substitute regular white (liquid) vinegar for the vinegar powder if I am not able to find vinegar powder?
Answer: Yes, you can substitute regular white vinegar in equal parts for the vinegar powder for this recipe:) 

2.) What is the best way to core my cupcakes?
Answer: Remove a cone-shaped core with a butter knife. Place knife tip halfway between the center of the cupcake and the edge. Tilt the knife to a 45 degree angle, pointing to the center. Slice down almost to the bottom, then twist in a circular motion to remove the core. The cores make a tasty baker's treat:)

Best Practices

  • Don't over-toast the meringue! Keep a close eye on your cupcakes when they are broiling and hang on to your oven mitts. Pull the cupcakes out as soon as they are golden brown and not a second longer.
  • If broiling, pre-heat the oven to broil before adding the cupcakes. If you add your cupcakes prior to the oven heating, you run the risk of slowly heating and melting your meringue instead of toasting it.
  • When zesting citrus collect the outside peel and not the pith. The pith is the white material between the peel and the flesh. It has a bitter flavor. Put the zester in your dominant hand and the lemon in the other. From the top to the bottom of the lemon, drag the lemon over the zester mini blades in a downward motion. Rotate the lemon and repeat until the peel is removed. If using a cheese grater, place the grater on a small plate. Find the finest holes on the grater. Hold the top of the grater with your non-dominate hand and with your other hand hold the lemon vertically and drag it carefully down one side of the lemon, tilting it slightly to the curve of the fruit. Turn the lemon and repeat until all of the peel is removed.