Yuzu White Chocolate Lava Cakes + Blackberry Sauce

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Fun facts about Yuzu:

  • The origins of yuzu can be traced to central China and Tibet, where it grows wild. It was brought to Japan during the Tang Dynasty. 
  • Yuzu is known for its delicious citrusy aroma and the oils produced from the skin of the fruit are used in making fragrances. 
  • Yuzu is the most cold resistant of all the citrus fruits and can thrive in high altitudes with temperatures that are just above freezing. 
  • While yuzu is often not eaten like an orange or mandarin both the juice and zest are used to flavor recipes such as ice creams, marinades, cocktails, custards and salad dressings. 


How to make a parchment funnel:

1.) Cut a circle from the parchment paper. About 6 inches in diameter.

2.) Fold in half then half again to create quarters. Cut out a quarter.

3.) Roll the remaining three quarters into a cone.

4.) Tape the cone together on the outside. Cut off a small amount of the tip to make an opening.

5.) Place the funnel into the open chef squeeze bottle. Pour sauce down the center of the funnel!



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    1.) Can I put my lava cakes back in the oven if I test one and it’s not done enough?

    Answer: Yes, if you take your lava cakes out of your oven and test one by turning it out on a plate and it is too runny, you can put them back in the oven and bake them a bit longer.

    2.) If I make the lava cakes in advance is there anything I need to know before I bake them?

    Answer: Yes, if you make the lava cakes in advance you should allow the batter to come to room temperature. Spoon it into the ramekins and then bake. 

    3.) Can I re-heat my lava cakes after baking them?

    Answer: While the lava cakes are at their best when eaten freshly baked. They can be re-heated in the microwave on a plate for 30 seconds. Be sure to remove them from the metal ramekins before heating in the microwave. 

    4.) Why do we crack the eggs into a small bowl before adding them to the rest of the lava cake batter?

    Answer: It is a good habit when adding eggs to a recipe to first crack them on a flat service (like your countertop) this creates a nice even crack without jagged shell pieces. When cracked on the side of a bowl, the eggshell can break unevenly resulting in difficulty in getting the egg out, and potentially popping the egg yolk. If the egg yolk pops it is not a big deal for this recipe, but if you are making meringue and whipping your egg whites, even a speck of fat will cause your whites not to whip. Cracking the eggs into a small bowl also makes it easier to retrieve any pieces of eggshell that might have broken off. The best way to capture a piece of eggshell is by using one half of the eggshell to scoop it up. That's right eggshell is attracted to eggshell because of science!

    Best Practices

    • When whisking the white chocolate and butter together in step 3, it is important to whisk vigorously until the white chocolate and butter are completely combined and there are no streaks of melted butter.